So, I've been trying to practice heel-toe shifting for a while now and I thought I just sucked at it until I drove the FR-S. In the FR-S, the pedals were placed perfectly for it and it was nearly effortless to do it right once I gained some confidence in the clutch.

Getting back into my Audi, I realized how much my pedal placement sucks for heel-toe shifting. All three pedals are the exact same height when not in use. This may sound ideal, but it's not. When I press the brake pedal, I find that my accelerator is up very high and I have to pretty much dislocate my ankle to angle my foot enough to blip the throttle. If I slide my foot over BEFORE I press down on the brake, essentially pressing both pedals equally, the throttle is pegged way too high.

I've been met with a small amount of success by angling my foot different and blipping the throttle with the outer edge of my shoe, but this leaves me with less actual foot on the brake pedal than I'm comfortable with. Maybe my foot is too narrow, pedals are too far apart, I don't know. I do definitely know that I wish the accelerator was lower than the brake pedal when released, but I haven't found an inexpensive and easily made solution to that issue.


Do any of you have suggestions. Does anyone else face similar problems with their own ride?