New phone mount solution for the Mini

So, I've had the Mini for a couple weeks now and everything has been great except storage for things like my vape pen and my phone. I tried using the Ram Mount X-Grip from my Audi. I love my Ram Mount and it works great in the Audi, but I felt like it was blocking a lot of forward visibility when mounted to the… » 1/17/15 7:27pm 1/17/15 7:27pm

They're pretty close. I drive 47 miles a day to work. Oh wait, they meant round-trip? Haaaaaaaa! In that case, I'm gonna need another 44 miles on that charge, GM. More, actually, in case I decide to, I don't know, stop for something or run an errand on the way home. » 1/12/15 4:21am 1/12/15 4:21am

I recently bought of 2006 Mini Cooper S and someone told me that I didn't need to warm it up before driving and that doing so was actually bad for it (something about exhaust buildup and the catalytic converter and making the supercharger unhappy, I dunno, they rambled on for a while) and I nodded my head and smiled… » 1/08/15 7:20pm 1/08/15 7:20pm

Would like Oppo's viewpoint on...viewpoints...

Hey Oppo,

I was messing around with mounting the camera inside the Sir Nigel Cooper and I wanted to get your opinion on two of the viewpoints I tried. They're both taken from the same time of day after on my drive home after work and they're both taken at the same section of road.

1: Mounted center, from the rear… » 1/07/15 6:51pm 1/07/15 6:51pm