My favorite of a prior series was the A550 Trans-Am divided into 0-3.0litre and 3.1L+ classes. A550 removes the possibility of storefront tunes and only period-correct cars with a production-car or homologated equivalent were allowed. I still have a selection of tunes I can upload to the garage if need be, though… » 9/17/14 5:32pm Yesterday 5:32pm

Did that once in my dad's '93 Ford F-150. He'd called and thought he'd had a stroke (turned out to be Bell's Palsy) while I was at work. I'd borrowed his truck that day, so I explained the situation to my boss and hopped in the truck. It was raining and I'm not going to lie- I was going well over the speed limit… » 9/09/14 11:08am 9/09/14 11:08am

I love AutohausAZ. They're pretty much the only place on the web that can consistently and reliably get me the right parts for my car on the first try. I will agree, however, that you need to keep an eagle eye on your cart, because it doesn't clear just because you exit the website. » 9/08/14 12:31pm 9/08/14 12:31pm

Step 1: Find your Peak Torque RPM

Step 2: Press clutch

Step 3: Rev to PTQRPM

Step 4: Turn wheel to not-quite full lock

Step 5: Dump clutch and try to maintain peak torque by feathering throttle slowly

Step 6: As car rotates, allow it to get some momentum on the rear axle, then loosen grip on wheel and allow it to… » 9/06/14 2:22am 9/06/14 2:22am

1994 Hyundai Excel GI.

3 door FWD hatchback, with a fast-revving 1.6L four-pot up front, a super short-throw factory 5-speed manual transmission, and a curb weight that would barely crumple a Pringles can. Seriously, this thing weighed nothing. It also didn't have traction control of any sort. Couple that with the… » 9/05/14 10:37pm 9/05/14 10:37pm

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